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Fire companies to benefit from Duracell battery offer

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JACKSON — “Power Those Who Protect Us” is a program that will benefit Jackson’s fire companies and allow firefighting equipment to be powered up for a long time to come.

The program is a joint venture of the National Volunteer Fire Council and Duracell,

“When people purchase specially marked packages of Duracell batteries, they can request to have a free battery or batteries sent to township volunteer fire departments,” said District 2 Chief John I. Alchevsky, of the Cassville Fire Company No. 1, on behalf of the Jackson Board of Fire Chiefs. “Then, Duracell will donate those batteries to our volunteer fire companies.”

Alchevsky said firefighters use alkaline batteries to power their equipment.

“We use Duracell alkaline batteries in much of our hand-held detection [equipment], as well as in our personal safety alarm equipment, just to name some, and this can get expensive,” he said.

“This program is another great way in which our residents can assist us in keeping our costs in check, which in the end saves fire tax dollars that can be used more efficiently and diversely.

“We appreciate all the support our residents give us throughout the year, but even better, this method costs our taxpayers nothing,” Alchevsky added.

To give something back to volunteer firefighters, Duracell has specially marked packages of batteries which state “Those Who Protect Us.” People who make a purchase can indicate which volunteer fire company should receive batteries.

For every specially marked 10-pack and 20-pack of AA or AAA batteries purchased, Duracell will donate one or two batteries, respectively.

For more information, visit www.duracell.com/protect or facebook.com/duracell and click on the Program tab.

Philip Stittleburg, chairman of the National Volunteer Fire Council, said funds are tight, so offsetting annual battery purchases provides local volunteer fire companies with value and enables them to reallocate resources to support the other areas of operation.

With the help of consumers, the “Power Those Who Protect Us” program’s goal is to provide 10 million batteries to 23,000 volunteer fire departments across the United States.

Volker Kuhn, general manager, North America, for Duracell, said in a press release that the company is inviting communities across the nation to join it in helping power those who protect people and property

— local volunteer firefighters.

Jackson’s fire companies are the Whitesville Volunteer Fire Company, 81 S. Hope Chapel Road; the Cassville Volunteer Fire Company No. 1, 785 MillerAve.; Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Company No. 1, North New Prospect Road near the corner of Larsen Road; and the Jackson Mills Fire Company, 465 West County Line Road.

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