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Options for new playground to be considered in Plumsted

Staff Writer

PLUMSTED — A new panel that will investigate the possible options for a new park in Plumsted has been given the green light by the Township Committee.

The Playground Equipment Committee has already started to set up meetings with playground equipment vendors to assess potential costs. The panel of 12 residents is co-chaired by Committeeman Herb Marinari and Committeeman Jack Trotta.

“It’s a good diversified group that has come together, including principals from the school district and representatives of local businesses,” Marinari said.

At this time no specific area in Plumsted has been chosen as the site for a new park. It is expected that a new park would include playground equipment and a play area for children.

“The community has looked for an area where the township’s children can come and be safe and have equipment to use separate from the schools,” Marinari said. “We are looking at several areas, there is nothing set in stone. Hopefully, within a couple of months, we will have a better idea of what we are looking for.”

Preliminary estimates prior to any meetings with playground equipment representatives are in the range of $80,000 to $100,000. The Playground Equipment Committee will be charged with raising the money without impacting taxes, Trotta said.

The committee expects to meet again on Feb. 27. The members may discuss the idea of creating a skate park — a location where skateboarding aficionados would be able to practice and perfect their skills.

Trotta said one issue with a skate park being permitted in Plumsted is the potential liability such an attraction would create, as well as the cost for the special equipment that would have to be placed in the skate park.

“We have to be careful because our insurance [carrier] is going to demand certain things of us,” Trotta said. “We haven’t had the chance to check into [those issues] yet, but we are definitely looking into it.”

He noted that the initial cost estimates for the playground equipment ($80,000 to $100,000) do not include any costs related to a skate park.

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