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Howell council authorizes hiring of deputy manager

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HOWELL — After naming Chief Financial Officer Jeffrey Filiatreault as Howell’s new township manager, municipal officials are now accepting applications for the position of deputy manager.

“The process of looking at résumés that have been submitted has already begun, I believe,” Mayor Bill Gotto said. “It’s up to Jeff to look at them and figure it out.”

Gotto said while appointing a deputy manager who may eventually follow Filiatreault as Howell’s township manager is something to be considered, the more immediate goal is to hire an individual who can assist Filiatreault with his responsibilities.

“The goal is just to have a better succession plan in all of our departments,” the mayor said. “That has been a weakness and an ongoing concern for us for years, not just with the manager position.”

“The majority of the Township Council has expressed support for this [deputy manager’s] position as part of a long-range plan and as something that is in the best interest of the township,” Deputy Mayor Robert Nicastro said. “It should also be noted that the mayor and council have asked that this position not be filled if additional funding is needed.”

Filiatreault said he has already started receiving applications for the position.

“I have gotten 16 [applications] to date and I will continue to accept them until Dec. 15,” he said. “I haven’t looked at any of the applications yet because I want to wait until the cutoff date when I have all of them, and that way I don’t look at too many too early.”

The position of deputy manager requires a candidate to be “analytical, problem solving, [a] senior-level professional local government leader with high integrity and at least four years of management experience” with at least a bachelor’s degree, although a master’s degree in public administration or a related degree is preferred.

The job description states that officials are seeking a candidate with “added training/ demonstrated skills in finance, budget, labor relations, human resources and general management” and “good communications skills and strong strategic planning and project management capabilities.”

According to the listing, the salary range for the job of deputy manager is between $10,000 and $95,000 per year.

Additional information and application instructions regarding the position can be found on the township’s website.

In other news, Howell is also seeking a full-time municipal court administrator.

According to the job description, “applicants should have experience in all aspects of court administration, including a strong working knowledge of the ATS/ACS computer system, MACS and Page Center. Excellent customer service skills, attention to details, organization and self-motivation are a must. Applicants must be available for ‘on-call’ services.”

Applicants must also “either have been awarded the title of certified municipal court administrator pursuant to state law, or need to be accredited, or in a position to become conditionally accredited within six months of the hire date pursuant to state court rule.”

Additional information and application instructions regarding the position can be found on the township’s website.

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